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Coronavirus testing (COVID-19) is available for our existing patients who have a fever or any respiratory symptoms.
PRE-OP COVID-19 testing is also available to those having surgery or a procedure. 

Covid-19 PCR test results 
You will receive a text directly from Melbourne Pathology with your results. 

ILLNESS Appointments can only be booked with

  • Dr Andrew Kerwin
  • Dr Gretel Heitbaum
  • Dr Katherine Ramsay
  • Dr Jessica Jose
  • Dr Alex McCutchan
  • Dr Tahlia Sugrue
  • Dr Ryan O'Rafferty

If you would like an appointment to see the above doctors about your symptoms then please book online the “Illness” appointment type.
(If you require a Covid-19 test this can be done during your visit)

If there are no appointments available online please call in the morning from 8am to book into our respiratory clinic. 

Thank you for your assistance with booking your appointments. 


With the increase in number of covid-19 infections and the reduction of time of isolation required post infections additional precautions will be taken at The Western Medical Centre as there is possibility of ongoing viral shedding. 

If you have recently had covid-19 infection all consultations for the first 2 weeks post release from isolation will be telehealth only

This is in line with the Australian Government recommendation to avoid visiting high-risk settings for a further period of time post release from isolation. This is to keep everyone safe. 

If you have had a positive rapid antigen test you no longer require a PCR test.