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Pregnancy, Family Planning and Women's Health

The Western Medical Centre provides comprehensive Women's Health Services. 

In this Section: 

  • Antenatal Care

  • Postnatal Care

  • Whooping cough immunisation

  • Implanon Insertion, Removal and Replacement

  • IUD Insertion, Removal and Replacement

  • Contraceptive Advice

  • Fertility issues

  • Menopause 

  • Breast care

  • Cervical screening (Pap Smears)

Antenatal Care

The Western Medical Centre is affliated with and provide shared care with the Royal Women's Hospital, Sunshine Hospital and Mercy Hospital (Heidelberg and Werribee). 

Shared Maternity Care means that during your pregnancy you can see the same GP obstetrician for most of your pregnancy visits with some visits at the hospital. Together, the hospital and your GP will ‘share your care’. The birth of your baby is at the public hospital of your choice.

The first antenatal visit is quite complex and we kindly request that you book a double appointment (30mins).

Maternity Shared Care Doctors:

Dr Gretel Heitbaum 

Dr Khueenie Cheong 

Dr Jessica Wrigley

Dr Katherine Ramsay

​Dr Claire Mahoney

For more information about Share care with Royal Women's Hospital RWH Click here

For more information about Share care with Sunshine Hospital Click here

For more information about Share care with Mercy Heidelberg Click Here

For more information about Share care with Werribee Mercy Click Here

Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby, the mother’s post natal care and the care of your newborn baby can be handled by your family GP at The Western Medical Centre.

A six week post natal check up needs to be booked in advance as a double appointment (30mins). It includes both mother and child.

If you would like your newborn child to have their 6 week immunisation at the time of this visit please advise our receptionist at the time of booking. 

Whooping cough immunisation

We recommend immunising new parents and grandparents for Whooping cough. 

You can book an appointment directly with our nurses Debbie and Julie. 

Implanon Insertion, Removal and Replacement

Implanon is a contraceptive implant that last for 3 years. It is inserted into the upper arm under local anaesthetic. The following doctors are Implanon accredited.

Dr Gretel Heitbaum

Dr Lina Nido

Dr Jessica Wrigley

​Dr Katherine Ramsay

Dr Claire Mahoney

Dr Jessica Jose

Dr Alexandra McCutchan

Dr Tahlia Sugrue

Please call reception on 03 9351 7699 for an Implanon appointment.  


IUD Insertion  

Dr Gretel Heitbaum, Dr Alexandra McCutchan and Dr Tahlia Sugrue are accredited to insert IUD's.

There are three IUD options available (Mirena IUD, Kyleena IUD and Copper IUD).

Please book a pre-IUD appointment to discuss your needs with the following doctors:

Dr Gretel Heitbaum

Dr Alexandra McCutchan

Dr Tahlia Sugrue 

IUD Removal

Please book an appointment with the following doctors for IUD removal:
Dr Gretel Heitbaum
Dr Jessica Wrigley

Dr Katherine Ramsay

Dr Jessica Jose
Dr Alexandra McCutchan
Dr Tahlia Sugrue

Contraceptive Advice

We encourage you to speak to your GP about your contraceptive needs. 

Contraception options include contraceptive pills, Implanon, IUD (Mirena, Kyleena or Copper),  Depo 3 monthly injections and barrier methods. 

If you are interested in longer term options such as tubal ligation or vasectomy please make an appointment with your doctor to obtain a referral. 

Fertility issues

Your GP can provide advice about planning a pregnancy and fertility concerns. 


Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss managing your menopause.  Many women start to experience hormonal changes in their mid to late 40's or early 50's. The Australian Menopause Society has provided a symptom score sheet that you may wish to look at here

Breast care

2 yearly Mammograms are recommended after the age of 50. 

If you have any significant family history of breast problems or any breast symptoms we encourage you to make an appointment with your GP. 

Cervical Screening (formerly Pap Smears)

Previously 2 yearly pap smears have been recommended for women between the ages of 18 and 70. 

Since December 2017 there is a new cervical screening, which is more accurate and for most women this will mean screening will be recommended every 5 years.

Cervical screening is recommended from age 25. However if you have any symptoms please speak to your doctor.