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Which vaccine will I get? 


- Pfizer (XBB1.5)  12+ 

- Pfizer Age 5-11 immunocompromised

First vaccine: 

- Pfizer Age 5-11

Pfizer 1st Dose - Age 5-11  

Pfizer 2nd Dose - Have already had 1st Pfizer dose (8 weeks ago) 

Moderna  - We are no longer stocking this vaccine.

Moderna Infant - We are no longer stocking this vaccine.
AstraZeneca - We are no longer stocking this vaccine.  

Novavax - We are no longer stocking this vaccine.

When is the 2nd Dose due?

Pfizer Vaccine 5-11yo: You will require a second dose 8 weeks later. 

How many doses should I have of the Covid19 vaccine? 

Everyone aged 18 and above -6 doses 

Aged 12-17 - 3 doses

Aged 5-11 - 2 doses   (immunocompromised/medical conditions 3 doses)

When should I have a BOOSTER Covid19 vaccine? 
If it has been more than 6 months since your last dose

or more than 6 months since you had a covid19 infection. 

Aged 5-11  - Dose 3 
- immunocompromised
- have a disability with significant or complex health needs
- have severe, complex, or multiple health conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19.

I am severely immunocompromised. How many doses should I have? 

At this stage - a dose every 6 months is recommended. 
ATAGI has approved a booster dose (given 6 months after the last dose) to those who are severely immunocompromised. 

This can be a Pfizer XBB1.5 Vaccine 

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Am I eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine? 
Anyone aged 5 and above is eligible.  

I don't have a medicare card. Where can I get a vaccine? 

You can attend a state-run vaccination clinic, or a pharmacy. 

More information can be found here 

I am a new patient. Where can I get a vaccine? 

We are unable to accept new patients at this time.

You can book at a pharmacy or state-run vaccination clinic. 

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